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eJIAS: The Journal of HIV/AIDS Science and Medicine in the Developing World

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On behalf of the International AIDS Society (IAS), Medscape, and our editors, we are pleased to introduce eJIAS: eJournal of the International AIDS Society, a new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the science and practice of HIV/AIDS medicine in the developing world. And, on the occasion of the largest international gathering of HIV/AIDS scientists and healthcare and public health workers in 2 years, we are privileged to present the official online abstracts of the XV International AIDS Conference (Bangkok, Thailand; July 11–16, 2004) in this inaugural issue of eJIAS.

eJIAS is an online, primary-source, peer-reviewed medical journal created to foster publication by researchers from developing countries and to enhance the accessibility and exchange of essential HIV/AIDS knowledge among frontline scientists, healthcare providers, and public health professionals working in diverse, but commonly resource-limited, settings. Copublished by IAS and Medscape, eJIAS is the first and only HIV/AIDS journal specifically for the publication of original, peer-reviewed articles that are highly relevant to the study, prevention, and treatment of HIV/AIDS in the developing world.

In keeping with the theme of the XV International AIDS Conference, "Access for All," eJIAS seeks to encourage and facilitate publication by scientists and clinicians working in developing countries, and to thereby improve the dissemination of high-quality medical evidence from research conducted in a diversity of geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, and clinical settings. The 2-fold objective of these efforts is to enhance the quality and exchange of vital frontline HIV/AIDS data and knowledge, and to enable scientists and healthcare personnel to remain informed about research, analysis, and opinion relevant to the delivery of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care in developing countries and on a global scale.

eJIAS is available free of charge wherever there is a Web connection. To increase the accessibility and useful adoption of the journal, the contents of eJIAS are published in parallel, and indexed for MEDLINE, in Medscape General Medicine, Medscape's veteran, MEDLINE-indexed general-medicine journal. Through this unique collaborative approach and the combined membership, publishing, and program experience of IAS and Medscape, the research contributions and frontline perspectives published in eJIAS will reach more than 2 million healthcare professionals in 249 countries.

We are grateful to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation for making the creation and launch of eJIAS possible through a founding grant from their Secure the Future program.

With this announcement, we dedicate eJIAS to our colleagues who are striving to change the course of AIDS around the world. It is our sincere hope that eJIAS will serve, creatively and consistently, to advance their best efforts and elevate the quality of research, information sharing, and education that must attend expanding global HIV/AIDS care initiatives.

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Mark A. Wainberg, PhD, has disclosed that he has received grants for clinical research from GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Joep M. A. Lange, MD, has disclosed that he has received grants for clinical research and/or honoraria for educational and/or advisory activities from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gilead Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline, Idenix, Merck, and Roche.

Helene D. Gayle, MD, has no significant financial interests or relationships to disclose. Craig McClure has no significant financial interests or relationships to disclose. Craig Sterritt has no significant financial interests or relationships to disclose.

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