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Table 1

From: Good experience of enfurvitide in severely ill patients

nr Sex/Age Concomitant illness CD4 VL at start Days on T-20 Outcome
1 f/36 Abdominal trauma, repeated surgery, bleeding 280 <5 80 Dead
2 f/46 Advanced AIDS, enteric administration difficult. 50 2300 102 Dead
3 f/35 TB and Pneumocystosis. 110 7600 296 Succesfull. Stopped T-20 when TB-treatment was finished.
4 m/52 Severe pneumonia and cardiac arrest 110 <50 12 Successful. Restarted previous ART after improvement.
5 f/52 HIV with severe immunodeficiency diagnosed in ICU when treated for fasciitis and septicaemia 40 792000 19 Successful. Changed to NNRTI based ART after improveme